Abel & Wee Cheng 25 Days Honeymoon in U.S. (27-Apr : 24-May 2005)
It was an Interesting & Meaningful trip for us. And rated the most enjoyable one after our 11 days to Australia in June 2004. haha. We visited San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Orlando & Las Vegas.

The most enjoyable part is staying with Uncle in Milpitas. Next will be our 7 Days in Disney World. It's fun meeting all disney characters and enjoying the rides.
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Day 1(SanFrancisco/Milpitas)
Day 3 (Monterey - Carmel)
Day 4 Day 4 (II) (San Francisco City)
Day 7 (Orlando -Universal Studio & Treasure Island)
Day 8(Disney World - Animal Kingdom)
Day 9 Day 9(II) (Disney World - Epcot)
Day 10 (Disney Wolrd - Magic Kingdom)
Day 11 (Orlando Shopping)
Day 12(Disney World - MGM Studio)
Day 13 (Orlando Airport)
Day 15 Day 15 (II) (San Francisco City, Hyatt)
Day 16 (San Francisco City Shopping)
Day 17 Day 17 (II) (Yosemite Water Fall)
Day 18 (Cosco/Target/Grocery Shopping)
Day 19 (Hillsdale/Redwood City Shopping)
Day 20 Day 20 (II) (Las Vegas)
Day 21 (Las Vegas II)
Day 22 (SQ015 - vai Seoul/Korea)

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