1. Wedding Day Photo 2. US 25 days Honeymoon(May-05)
3. Taipei [Mar-05] 4. Australia [June-04]
5. Christmas Eve 2005 6. Home | Puppy| 1978| D200
7. HongKong [Jan-06] 8. Bintan Resort [Jan-06]
9. StarCruise [Feb-06] 10. NZ Driving[Sep-06]
11. Steve's Wedding [Dec-06] 12. Andry's Wedding [May-07]
13. Phuket Trip [May-07]  
Dear Friends,
Thank You all for the supports given to us! You've made 8th Jan 05 a special day for us! As we are going through a new chapter of Life, we wish you all the best and have a prosperous & healthy journey side by side with us. God Bless you.
Warmest Regards, Abel & Wee Cheng
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