The little Hanelle (Ha-Nel-Le), which means God is Gracious was born on the 8th of March Year 2010, 18:02 Singapore Time @ Mt. Alvernia Hospital, by Dr. Lai Fon-Min from ACompanyForWomen, Camden Medical Center.

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

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1st Birthday Party!Photos

We've invited a few close friends & relative for the celebration ... of course, all are welcome.

A/C:: weecheng@bcknot.com

On the 18th August 2007 morning, our Baby Girl arrives ...
Wee Cheng Says
" It is never easy to give birth, no matter what pain-relief methods used! I was there with my wife from 2am that morning, every 10mins when the contraction comes, I can see how painful it was from her face. I am so proud of her, haha, as she never screams like the next door. "

................. TO BE CONTINUED ......................

Latest ... 1st May 2008 to 19th May 2008 - Visit Europe Trip Website
Hebe's Daddy & Mummy willl be embarking on a journey to Europe for 20 Days. Yes, it is a bit self-fish not to bring Hebe along, after going through multifactor considerations ... it's not an easy decision after all. As this will be a 'Back-packing' trip, taking Europe Rail from London to Rome, crossing 8 countries' borders, and they guess, it will be a difficult for a 8mth old baby to adapt to this on-going changing environments. Yes. To make up for this, Mummy has decided and started planning a trip to Japan with Hebe in Dec 2008. :) This will make Daddy & Mummy less guilty for not brining Hebe this trip.

Daddy & Mummy will be arriving in London, then follow by Brussel, Bruges, Amsterdam, Munich, Salzburg, Fussen, Paris, Bern, Interlaken, Milan, Florence & Rome.

I think the most exciting part is we are taking SQ A380 to London ... let's see how the Biggest Aircraft performing .... :)

e t
3 Months ...

Full Month Celebration on 18-Sep-07

HEBE's Photos Albums
Coming Soon ...

Birth Info
Hebe's ... is...
Birth Date 18th August 2007
Birth Time 1139
Height 50cm
Weigth 2.77kg
Doctor Dr. Lai Fon-Min of aCompanyForWomen, Camden Medical Centre
Hospital Mt. Alvernia Hospital, Delivery Suites 10
Ward Room 351
Food & Frequency 100% Breastmilk / Every 1-2 Hour, 24x7
Birth Method Natural Birth
Birth Duration 8 1/2 Hours


Thank You ...

LOTs of people to Thanks! Without you, it will be a much more difficult for us to have this baby.

A Big Thank You to colleagues & friends for your supports!
Relatives & Family for the encouragement and 'education'.

Dr. Lai Fon-Min of aCompanyforWomen at CAMDEN Medical Centre for delivering our baby at Mt. Alvernia Hospital.

We will highly-recommend him for anyone (of course, women only).
Also, few caring nurses at Mt. Alvernia Ho
spital who shown their patience & care for us during the stay there. BTW, thanks the chef too. The food is delicious!

Photos Albums

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2. 2005 May - Honeymoon (United States 25 Days)
3. 2005 Mar - Taipei 6 Days
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5. 2006 Jan - Hong Kong
6. 2006 Jan - Bintan Resort
7. 2006 Feb - StarCruise
8. 2006 Sep - NewZealand 10 Days Driving Trip
9. 2007 May - Phuket (Pre-Labour Trip)
10. 2008 May - Europe Trip - 9 Countries in 19 Days
11. 2008 Dec - Japan Kawaii Trip (10 Days) with Hebe
12. 2010 May - Tokyo (Just Daddy & Mummy) Romantic Japan
13. 2010 Sep - Melbourne (Last minute) Trip - Family of 4
14. 2011 Feb - White Powder Snow Hokkaido - Family of 4 (Free & Easy)
15. 2011 Jul - Universal Studio Singapore
16. 2011 Aug - Puncak Safari

17. 2011 Nov - US 25 Days Disneyland, Vegas, Sanfrancisco   Album 2  3  4   5   6   7
18. 2012 April - K-Pop Korea Tour 10 Days
19. 2012 Sep - Jakarta/Bandung/Puncak
20. 2012 Nov - Tokyo Japan Tour Again - Disneyland

1. 2006 Dec Steven & Tracy
2. 2007 May Andry & Meria
2. 2008 May Lala's Wedding

1. Our Home
2. Our Puppy
3. My Wine
4. My Camera Nikon D200
5. Hebe's 4th Birthday Party Aug 2011

Baby Expenses

For the couples who are planning to have baby, i guess it's good to share with you all our expenses on our little princess :) [List updated as of 31-Aug-07]

Outpatient Service at 24-Hr Clinic
1-Jan-07 11pm
S$ 353.01
Week 8 - 15 Gynae Consultation & Ultrasound
6- Jan, 3-Feb, 10-Feb
S$ 605.00
Week 16 Onwards Package Gynae Consultation & Scan
Medication (est)
Calcium, Multi-Vitamins, Omega3
S$ 500.00
Other Medical Tests
HVSwab, DNA Probe, Oral Gluclose, M.Serum
S$ 296.00
Cord Blood Banking & Collection Service
S$ 1,400.00
Car Seat for Baby
S$ 339.00
Baby Cot + Bedding
S$ 423.15
Combi - Stroller (light Weight & Egg Shock)
S$ 479.00
Combi - Swirl Chair
S$ 188.00
Avent - BreastPump + Warmers + Containers
Avent - IQ24 Sterilizer
Thomsom MC Pre-natal Course
S$ 210.00
Thomsom MC Books on Breasfeed, ChildCare, Pregnancy & BabyWraps + BabyBath Clothes
Baby Clothings (estimated)
Baby Accessories for 1st Month
(Diapers, Detergent, BathGel, Wraps, Cotton, Wipes etc)
S$ 200.00
Hospital Charges - Single Ward 3 Days (Mother)
Hospital Charges - 3 Days for Baby
Doctor Delivery - Operations Charges
Breast-Feeding Pillow (My Breast's Friend)
S$ 75.00
Medela In-Style Breast Pump
S$ 689.00

Total: S$13,289.50

The Mum's 10 Months Diary

Coming Soon ....

Guest Book [View Message Origin Country]

Rui 30/8/2007 , 11:32:54 PM
"Congratulations!!! Wish The Little HEBE Well ...    "62
Steven & Tracy 30/8/2007 , 11:47:45 PM
"Hebe!!! Welcome to this world...we are your godparents...haha   "63
Mike (0'.Ɔ) 30/8/2007 , 11:53:57 PM
"Congrats bro~ Wow what a nice name you came up with.. Hope your baby ger grows up like S.H.E de HEBE ya.. pretty and popular esp among the guys lolz..    "64
Jason Low 30/8/2007 , 11:57:56 PM
"Hi ! Ain't she cute? And such a nice name too! 绵窍秦夸~~ Congratulations!    "65
Andry-Meria 31/8/2007 , 2:38:51 PM
"Congrats to my bro n sis for having such a cute little baby girl... Welcome to this world little Hebe,u are the luckiest baby in this world to have a loving mum n dad I wish all the best for all f u always... I'm sure that little Hebe will grow  up so beautiful like her mother and as kind,loving,patience like her father.   "66
QingWei 31/8/2007 , 5:47:20 PM
"We've been waiting for her, at last, our little cousin is born.   "67
willy oei 31/8/2007 , 9:31:30 PM
"Congratz again to WeeCheng and Annabella :D She is so lovely! :D   "68
Jason Low 31/8/2007 , 10:51:06 PM
"Hey.. it's me again.. it has been so long i last visited ur site.. so many things to see! looooove ur photography.. mayb u could teach me something next time.. anyways, congrates again to u and aunt Annabella... All the best~   "69
Shirley Chandra 1/9/2007 , 11:31:56 AM
"Dear Wee Cheng & Abel, Congratulations on your new born baby girl - Hebe...sweet name and adorable face she has =D Proud of you too, Abel to had those pain and has become real mother now..God bless   "70
Clarice 1/9/2007 , 6:59:28 PM
"Congratulations!!...Hebe looks pretty just like her Mummy and Daddy....wait for the presents okay??    "71
Chian#7 2/9/2007 , 6:39:17 AM
"Shit...look at the expenses...no wonder people become robbers... Sorry, supposed to congratulate you...again...and again... Don't worry Akong will take good care of Hebe   "72
Eileen 2/9/2007 , 10:22:48 AM
"Congrats to both U n Annabella....Hebe is very cute.N she will sure grow up to be as pretty as her mummy.......   "73
Sulaiman aka Akong 2/9/2007 , 7:13:05 PM
"What a cool and sweet name....Hebe Bernicia. Anyway congratz....Wish her grows up as smart and pretty as her mother....   "74
Kia Soon 2/9/2007 , 10:33:28 PM
"Congra, a very cute and pretty baby.    "75
Gerwin Widjaja 3/9/2007 , 12:08:16 AM
"Welcome Hebe... As for you Wilson & Abel, be good parents or else... LOL. CONGRATS!!!    "76
Tanjaya 3/9/2007 , 2:25:38 PM
"Congratulations and celebrations, ups, i am not supposed to sing here, haha... wishing her well, parents are well too, and long live party!!   "77
二姐 3/9/2007 , 4:03:31 PM
"恭喜!希望宝宝块高长大!   "78
Thres & Ihin 3/9/2007 , 5:03:37 PM
"Congrats yah! She is so pretty just like her mom.    "79
Zhiyi 4/9/2007 , 8:26:44 AM
"Wah!!! Congratz...辛福的一家人...any plan for a 王子?Next year?Don't worry about the expense. I knew where to get fast money...1900-call-大耳窿.. :P.. Congratz again!!!!!   "80
ketut & peter 4/9/2007 , 10:35:07 AM
"hiya, congrats on the newborn baby gal !! :)   "81
Jayanthi 4/9/2007 , 4:04:35 PM
"Congratulations Annabell and Wee Cheng. Hebe is so cuteeeeeeeee!!   "82
Suan Heok 4/9/2007 , 6:01:53 PM
"Hey Annabella and Wee Cheng.. Congrats .. and happy 'parenthood' .. from your 'well maintained' website, can see that you and Hebe are really enjoying every moment of your lives... and Hebe is such a beautiful girl looking so smiling and  cheerful just like the parents... hey Annabel, I like your 'pregnant' picture .. it is well taken and you look so radiant even when you are pregnant... :-)   "83
QQ Tjun Tjun & Fam 4/9/2007 , 9:02:37 PM
"Congratulations!!! Anna & Wee Cheng,Both of you are the happiest couple.May God bless your baby girl always.I'm very proud to be her Q kung.All The Best!   "84
Willlyanto 5/9/2007 , 9:37:56 AM
"Congrat ya bel,.. hehe hebat banget 8.5 jam (kalao gak salah baca hehe) alami lagi..... wish u all the best with the baby (very nice little girl). GBU btw kapan balik indo??   "85
Jeffry 5/9/2007 , 10:57:32 AM
"Congratulations Wee Cheng & Abel, very happy for your both and the little princes.. it's a relieve to know you both finally come up with a new for the baby.. i guess you rule out my suggestion, hagh? hehe.. but this is a unique name.. princess Heb e Bernicia, right?  "86
eTu 5/9/2007 , 10:58:23 AM
"Waaaa.... COngrats yah Abelll... Salam buat si Hebe yahhh... lucu lucu lucuuu hehe   "87
awong 5/9/2007 , 11:12:49 AM
"Congrats yah :D babynya cute banget.....:) semoga sehat selalu yah.......... (super indo mode) -pls translate those to ur hubby :) -   "88
Jason Ng 5/9/2007 , 12:01:24 PM
"Hey there, Congrate!!!maore reposibilities to come..he..he..   "89
Amica 5/9/2007 , 1:48:35 PM
"Wow..., never heard about you for a long time, and now you have delivered a newborn..., geee...time flies, congrats yahh... =D. Both of you will be a great parents... =). Take care and enjoy every moment.   "90
Mul 6/9/2007 , 11:32:54 PM
"Wah Congratulations!!! So cute...... :) Wish all the best to the baby and certainly to both of you!!!   "91
Sarah (meihui) 7/9/2007 , 12:09:41 AM
"Wah congrats! So happy for you all. Welcome to parenthood, the most rewarding and exhausting job on earth. Enjoy the cute Hebe and try to get some sleep =).   "92
Cherie 7/9/2007 , 12:31:03 PM
"Congratz 2 Abel+Wee Cheng!! n for our precious little Hebe, welcome to the world. such a lovely baby you are. hope to see u beautiful & smart as u'r mum n gentle like u'r dad. Jbu all!!!   "93
Andersen 8/9/2007 , 4:09:50 PM
"To my sister & her husband, congratulations on ur first baby. To Hebe: Welcome to planet Earth, my niece. GBU all.   "94
Lisa 8/9/2007 , 5:45:32 PM
"Congratulations Abel & Wee Cheng on your newborn baby girl :) Such a pretty little gal.. gotta be as pretty as her mom ;)   "95
Qing Wei 8/9/2007 , 8:41:46 PM
"Hello! Congratulations!   "96
wei shen 8/9/2007 , 10:04:46 PM
"wow ...... congrats.... so cute... nice name too...   "97
Yolin & Herry 9/9/2007 , 5:28:37 PM
"Hi Abel & Wee Cheng. Congratulations!! Hebe.. cute little baby, unique name and a blessing from God. Enjoy the new addition to your family :-)   "98
Debbie 9/9/2007 , 8:29:20 PM
"Hi Abel and Wee Cheng, congrats for both of you.... she is sooo cute :)   "99
Linda 14/9/2007 , 10:06:21 AM
"Dear A'bel, your daughter is so cute.. wish i'll b e able to visit and cacth up with you... havent really talk to you since our primaru years...(i guess) Wish you and the baby well.. Many happiness for the coming future :)   "100
Rendra 15/9/2007 , 2:18:14 PM
"Hi Abel & Wee Cheng... Congrats ya!... sorry that i'm usually the latest person who knew the latest news - No more latest news liao :P - i'm so outdated! Anyway, better late than never :P Wish you more & more happiness & fun... a full of love  and exciting life together with this new blessing from God - a cute baby in your family :)   "101
hiutopor 16/9/2007 , 11:51:21 PM
"Hello Very interesting information! Thanks! G'night   "102
Niko N. 17/9/2007 , 2:57:20 PM
"Congrats for your new family member ;p... Well Come to the world Hebe =D   "103
Clara 18/9/2007 , 11:35:10 AM
"Happy 1 month Hebe!!! ^_^ Can't believe it's already been a month n haven't written anything!! waawaaa.... I'll buy you lots of toys n stuffs next time I come over ya ... just wait patiently ^_^   "104
Clara 18/9/2007 , 11:36:24 AM
"aiyo.. forgot Hugs N Kisses from your lovely Aunty...kekekekeke.. ^___^   "105
marwati 24/9/2007 , 2:53:39 PM
"Congratulions....God bless this family n the new member. Hebe's very cute n lucky to have you...   "106
jac 5/10/2007 , 11:15:07 PM
"I an a quiet viewer of this wedding site... attracted to your nice pictures last yr. Recently when i went back, it has become a baby site... haha... really sweet. Hope you guys have a great parenting experience...   "107
jac 5/10/2007 , 11:15:07 PM
"I am a quiet viewer of this wedding site... attracted to your nice pictures last yr. Recently when i went back, it has become a baby site... haha... really sweet. Hope you guys have a great parenting experience...   "108
willy oei 28/10/2007 , 4:54:09 PM
"Hey..cant wait to see Hebe's photos album :D   "112
Eng Chai 5/11/2007 , 6:50:05 PM
"Yo Buddy! Congratulations!   "139
Eng Chai 6/11/2007 , 8:54:56 AM
"Yo Buddy! Congratulations!   "144
Hebe 20 Weeks 22/1/2008 , 11:41:16 PM
"www.bcknot.com/hebe20Weeks PHOTO ALBUM   "470
Italy 15/5/2008 , 6:10:21 AM
"Hi Hebe, we miss you ....   "628
Bill Selevan 22/5/2008 , 8:49:25 PM
"my number 3 test message   "633
flowerbabe 11/7/2008 , 4:39:07 PM
"Hi Abel and Wee Cheng Yout Australia wedding photoshoot are lovely. Can you share the phtographer details with me ? Pls send email to sgflowerbabe@yahoo.com.sg   "677
Daddy 1/6/2009 , 8:02:57 PM
"HELLO HEBE!   "889

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